Giant Insects Website
Why did giant insects exist long before man walked the earth, and what happened to them? Could atmospheric oxygen levels, which have changed over time, affected the ability of insects to grow large? This website, under construction, aims to answer these questions in a framework suitable for middle school students and teachers.



Manduca Growth Experiment
Dr. Biology has been thinking a lot about temperature lately. The temperature of the Earth is always changing—it changes daily, seasonally, and over the years. Changes in temperature affect all of the organisms that live on Earth, and it has a lot of interesting effects on growing plants and animals. With the help of the National Science Foundation and his research team, Dr. Biology started an experiment to see how different temperatures can change how fast an animal grows and how big it will get.



Ask A Biologist
Produced by the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, the Ask A Biologist website is a resource for students from preK to 12th grade, their parents, and their teachers to find answers to questions they have about biology and science. At this website, you can find many different educational opportunities from reading a comic book adventure to analyzing data to listening to bird songs or downloading biologist podcasts.